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How to find stock images for your business that don't suck

As a photographer recommending tips on how to source stock photography images, I might be a dead woman, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen. Here's some tips on how to find it, use it wisely, and grow your brand with the right images.

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Visual Storytelling: A key element for your content marketing.

There is no denying that humans are wired to love pictures. Almost half of our brains are involved in visual processing, interpreting visuals in less than 1/10th of a second. But science also tells us that our brains also love stories. We really can't help it. We're compelled to organise information into a narrative.

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How to use lifestyle images for your business: Do's and Don'ts

To many business people lifestyle photography is synonymous with stock photography. At its worst, a laughably robotic parody of real life. At its best, the apex of sellability and perfection in commercial photography.

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