I am a photographer and designer with 10 years of experience in the creative industry. I’ve worked for agencies as well as a contractor in North + South America as well as Europe. My work has been published in numerous travel, design, and gastronomy publications such as Time Out Magazine, En Route, PhotoLife,, and Cuisine et Vins. I work closely with clients to ensure that the work we produce is timely, strategic, high-quality, and effective. My deliverables are visual but my process is a mix of consultation, production, and collaboration.

My approach with each client is bespoke and collaborative. I recognise that if we're going to work together that thoughtful communication and good planning are the key to successful projects. My knowledge of your brand, business, project, and ideas are a big part of delivering great images; images that get the results you are looking forThe actual photoshoot is simply one step in this process - a fun and sometimes even magical step when all the proper groundwork as been laid. 

Feel free to book a skype call with me to see if I'm the right fit for your project.

Working with Joss was a pleasure from the start. We were looking for someone who could take amazing pictures, but also help us define the image of Fierro Hotel in Buenos Aires and La Morada de Los Andes in Mendoza. From the start she was a pleasure to work with: setting up shared boards of examples, directing the art without being intrusive and always open to find new solutions and to explore our ideas. After 6 years working with her I still didn’t hear a “no” to any of my ideas. In this time we expanded her field of work from photographer to art director, image consultant, graphic designer, and she even played a big role in the design renovation of a restaurant we did two years ago helping us define its identity. I would definitely recommend her and I hope to work with her again soon.
— Martin Rosberg, Ushay Investments


I’m a Canadian-born creative professional making my home in Barcelona, Spain. I grew up skiing and figure skating in the Rocky Mountains and spent several years working as a wildland rappel firefighter in British Columbia. I've always been adventurous and found myself gravitating towards foreign cultures and languages from a very young age.

I have a degree in international politics and a post-grad diploma in Graphic Media Design where I was educated in all things visual. Upon graduating I worked in the creative department for a communications agency before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where my career began to take shape as an independent professional.

Over a period of 7 years in Buenos Aires I had the privilege of working as a photographer, art director, and designer for some award-winning boutique hotels, vineyards, architects, interior designers, restaurants, and travel companies which helped to build my expertise, international clientele, and my portfolio.

In early 2016 I moved to Barcelona, Spain with my fiance and relocated my business. Apart from my work I spend a lot of time enjoying Spanish culture - especially food and wine, running along the Mediterranean, and taking advantage of the city's vibrant arts scene.